Our vision is to be a recognized leading manufacturer and distributor of world-class products in the non-food consumer category in the Philippines and in the Asian region. Providing and developing new, safe, convenient, and innovative personal care products for consumers who would like to look good and feel great everyday.


We shall produce quality personal care products that will enhance our customers’ sense of well- being. Towards this end, we are committed to provide:

  • Our employees – meaningful work and opportunities for professional development and ensure continuous individual and team growth.
  • Our customers – personalized attention and high quality products
  • Our shareholders – consistent returns on their investment, growth of equity and comprehensive brand management for all principals
  • Our community and country – support for economic development and practice of corporate social responsibility

picture of the late Don Vicente Ang Genato and his wife Belen, founders of Vibelle Manufacturing CorpVibelle Manufacturing Corporation traces its humble beginnings to the post-war era when the late Don Vicente Ang Genato began manufacturing pomade and loose powder in a modest backyard operation. Not realizing then that his small business enterprise would be the start of a large corporation, the industrious man steered the business into full operations, gradually acquiring additional equipment and introducing rigid quality control in all production processes at its in-house laboratory. The business soon introduced other products to meet the increasing demand for quality cosmetics. By 1967, Vibelle was incorporated as a family-owned corporation.

The company’s turning point came with the introduction and successful marketing of Caronia, a homegrown brand of nail polish. Since then, Vibelle has earned its name as the forerunner in the personal care market through its well-established and well-known brands. From this time and in the following 20 years, the Caronia nail care line enjoyed dominance in the market previously unprecedented for a local brand.

In 1968, Vibelle acquired the license from the Andrew Jergens Company USA to manufacture and distribute personal care products under the Jergens label, establishing Jergens as a byword in the Filipino household. Shortly after, “Gee Your Hair Smells Terrific“ Shampoo and Conditioner were introduced in the market with an upbeat and aggressive advertising campaign that generated high recall through its catchphrase label. The hair care line captured a sizeable market share for sometime.

In 1993, breakthroughs in Jergens skincare products catapulted the company to a leading position in the market, dominating it with a 40% market share.

Through the years, additional lines were introduced like Joie Cosmetics, Queenie Cosmetics, P. Roberts for Men and toothpaste brands Fresh and White and White on White. Production and marketing of these brands, however, were gradually discontinued as the personal care market changed due to changing consumer expectations.

In 2005, Vibelle Distribution Inc. (VDI) was established to spin off from Vibelle Manufacturing Corporation (VMC) the marketing and sales and distribution functions. This was done to give focus and greater autonomy to developing and promoting the Vibelle brands and to ensure market presence and improve sales of Vibelle products. As a wholly owned subsidiary of VMC, VDI operates as a separate legal entity but considers itself still a close member of the Vibelle family and adopts the values and work philosophy of VMC.

To date, Vibelle carries a wide range of personal care items committed to promoting healthful living among the Filipino people.